listening this weekend

Cluster-Sowiesoso (Water)

Keep ’em coming Water. German music (I’m not going to say Krautrock) from the 70’s has been out of price range for too long (oh, I know that is not supposed to matter, but that’s another post) but Water’s affordable reissue campaign of German electronic music and Italian Prog has been one of the more happier developments of the Please Buy CDs era we live in. The music is perfectly light and breezy, and you get to see great pictures of Mobius and Rodaelius in sandals. Good.

Klaus Schulze probably never owned sandles. But his Irrlicht (SPV reissue) record is a doomy blast, with lots of not-synth synth sounds. You can kind of tell he was having fun. Doomy fun.  Like Hive Mind.


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