soul music

tearing it down on the tambur

“One should not limit music to a purely esthetic use, nor solely take into account its technical aspects; the important thing is to hear those true celestial harmonies. Music should be considered as a means of spiritual communication, not as a goal in itself.”
Ostad Elahi
(Words of Truth, Vol. II, page 296)

Ostad Elahi, in addition to being an accomplished philosopher and jurist, could totally shred on the tambur. The first “Celestial Harmonies” recording (there are six? seven? on Le Chant Du Monde) is an embarrassment of virtuosity. Like Pandit Pran Nath, he made music for the glory of the spirit and the soul, not to get tons of praise (although, they’ve both gotten plenty). It’s a gorgeous and humbling thing to hear.

Le Chant Du Monde
Ostad Elahi
Ostad’s cd’s at Forced Exposure


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