cut it out

A recent chat room thread magically coincided with a recent rediscovery of Jason Kahn’s excellent CUT label, run out of Switzerland. He released Jason Lescalleet’s first solo CD (Matresslessness, which in my mind is a greatest-hits package of Jason various techniques) and the very very very excellent Timelines recording, which is a 70 minute rendering of Kahn’s graphic score. The lineup contains some of my favorite Swiss musicians, (aw hell, favorite musicians!) around, including electronics innovator Nobert Moslang (formerly of Voice Crack, who invented a language and crunk wizard guitar player Tomas Korber. A smaller version of the Timelines band called Signal will make its way across the northeast on their way to FIMAV (Victoriaville, QC’s annual new music festival) in May.

Cut ‘s website


2 thoughts on “cut it out

  1. jgrzinich says:

    CUT is a great label and I’m not just saying that because Jason released a CD my Seth Nehil and myself. He’s kept the DIY ethic for a number of years now.

  2. ms says:

    the recent cut discs – kahn & mueller solo – are intense. jason’s is much grittier than anything else i’ve heard by him. HIGHLY recommeded.

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