back to life


hey, trying again…

New cassette “due locations”is out…try longlongchaney/second sleep for copies or email me and I can hook it up. It’s a small edition and will become part of the reissue box set that exists in my mind. If anyone is up for a multi-cd Trojan Records style box set of Brendan Murray solo, lemme know. Not kidding.

Also, sillage, my collaboration with Seth Nehil, will be out this coming week. Try Sedimental direct and buy the Tim Feeney/Vic Rawlings duo cd at the same time, as they are two of the best musicians in the world. Period.

Other stuff in the works that I blogged about here for some reason. Soon this page will be everything and the old hmtl nightmare of my website a distant memory.

Other people’s records: the new Giuseppe Ielasi on 12K is, unsurprisingly, a total masterpiece. Listened to “Das Machen mit den Schwefelholzern” by Lachenmann awhile ago and it changed my life. Howard Stelzer‘s taken a break from his usual activities and finished two cds: “Bond Inlets” and “Go On” are the best he’s ever done. Seriously, he’s synthesized CV, Broken Flag and NZ drone styles into two elegant sound masses. It’s on. Battles are awesome. Can’t wait to listen to the Teiji Ito and Invite The Spirit reissues I just got. All of the Teiji Ito packages have been great and I have wanted to hear Invite The Spirit since I read about them in Option when I was 12. Since I play guitar more these days, it’s probably a good idea to pay attention to Henry Kaiser. Right now, I am listening to MMM for the first time ever.


2 thoughts on “back to life

  1. grasprelease says:

    Really enjoy yr blog, Brendan…looked it up because I was pretty knocked out by a couple of yr plates recently; WONDERS and a slightly more obscure/impermanent (?) one…cannot remember which, as I’ve listened to several now…sounded like some really evocative use of Tibetan chant from Bhutan? At any rate, ostensibly simple materials used in an in-sinuous way; I think I can hear you thinking, but you definitely have a composer’s sense of space and pace. I myself really enjoy the occasional recommendtions/raves about records/media in particular, so I hope you do keep that up. You’ve already turned me on to several things I would not have otherwise sought out. Cheers and best wishes with the fame, cocaine, platinum accoutrements, flashy cars, and massive friend betrayal when the pop act takes off.

  2. Thanks for looking in over here. This is a new thing for me after spending a good year examining other music blogs. I decided that all I could do was talk about music here and hope the occasional viewer checked it out. Looks like it’s working?

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