new and old tools

I got a MacBook Pro recently and I am slowly trying to make music with it. About twice a week or so I run Live, MSP, Logic and even GarageBand and try and make sound come out of this thing. No results so far, but I can immediately sense the efficiency of the the device when it comes to rendering audio. While this is deeply painfully obvious to most people, it took me a very long time to switch. I think it will be three months or so before I can produce music with this computer. I still have the four samplers on deck at all times. photo-46.jpgphoto-45.jpg

The two on the bottom are SP202’s, both of them sound pretty rugged and only send a stereo signal from the headphone jack. Same for the SP303, which is on top and has the handsome red highlights. Those three things (minus the new 404 that I bought a few months ago) were the entirety of my setup for at least four years, with the addition of this little guy:


The circuit-bent Casio SK1 is the BC Rich of electronic instruments. People were so psyched for these when they first made their way out of the hobbyist circle and onto EBay and the like, but now suddenly people find them a little cheesy, which they may be, but a good chunk of my last record was made with this box. I asked a local noise guy if he’d want to buy it off of me the other night and he made the best “no way dude”.

Listening this weekend:

and La Otracina‘s Tonal Ellipse Of The One on Holy Mountain, which is awesome.

Poor Britany. Leave her alone.


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