change taking places, move yourself to the ground


The Sillage CD, my collaboration with Seth Nehil, has been out for a couple of months, with some nice notices from many places, including my long time friends at Brainwashed. The November issue of the Wire with Underground Resistance on the cover has a good review as well. This was a hard record to make and is a hard one to hear in some ways, so we do appreciate any and all responses about this work.


Twonicorn of Berkeley, CA has issued the Scared In My Heart cassette, which is available from them and my good friends at Aquarius. There are only 100 copies, so act fast. If some young soul throws this release in 192kbps on a blog somewhere with the “it is not in print and blah blah woof woof” disclaimer, I politely ask that you save your MegaUpload minutes for something that is really out of print (as opposed to something that is very much available.) If you can not find a copy on cassette, contact me directly. If you really want a digital copy (even though it was mixed and mastered to be heard on a cassette), please wait. Someday.  Maybe.
Speaking of Twonicorn, Tombi (Ry, Twonicorn CEO) has a great cdr on Students of Decay out now called Black Humid Mist that is well worth seeking out.

Commonwealth, my new solo CD is all go and will be released by 23Five in January. More about that soon, along with sound samples and such.

Also in 2008 expect: a duo CD with Richard Garet on Unframed, a Hell Hoarse CD built from our last shows (Hell Hoarse: me and Chuck Bettis), the LP and CD debut of Ouest (me, Howie Stelzer and Jay Sullivan), recordings and shows from the extremely well-rehearsed minimal psych rock band Paper Summer (in which I play drums and electric guitar), a solo cdr on Students of Decay that Alex is sick of waiting for and the beginnings of a new piece which will require actual notation, recordings of at least six different instruments and about a year’s worth of editing. Okay, so maybe 2009 on that one.

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