Last night i bought Pop Ambient 2008 from the Bleep site (three bucks cheaper than OM, btw) and the zip file got all messed up. I emailed support and within one hour had a new download reupped. That is service. Cheers Bleep!

Inching ever closer to having a completed solo record ready. Polyphony and cheap samplers don’t mix well, so there are a few things to tweak (perhaps) to make the recording as much of a total immersion as possible. There’s even cover art being prepared at the moment. Can’t wait for people to hear this. I really hope that the listener can fall into this one, completely separated from the world, if just for a bit.

Here’s a clip of my favorite live band ever. If anyone has a line on where to see something this good   in 2008, let me know. I’ll pay, um, 5 dollars.


One thought on “heartbleeps

  1. To see a live band that good in 2008, just come to the next Major Stars gig. Kate Village could (and would) kick Ian Mackay’s ass.

    And besides, Fugazi were fine, but they were no Pailhead….

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