on the daily

Here is what has been on the iPod every morning for a few weeks:

Autechre-“Tankakern” from Quaristice (arguably the first banger on the new record, hot shit.)

Autistic Daughters-“Bird In The Curtain” from Uneasy Flowers (I would listen to Martin Braydlmeyer play on ANYTHING at this point).

Earth– title track from The Bee Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull. (That sitar intro KILLS ME).

Eric Copeland-“Green Burrito” from Hermaphrodite. (I really dig songs with lyrics I can’t understand, or songs that are just vocal loops you can’t make out. What he is saying, I don’t know. It sounds like “mohorahyaiyeahhuarashamoehehhuhhuh”)

Fairport ConventionMatty Groves” from Liege and Lief. (Oh sure, it’s a big scary story about wives and husbands and lovers all killing each other, but mainly I’m in this for the knotty-branch sounding guitars and the FRESH drums, as tragic as they are).

Suishou No Fune-all of Prayers For Chibi (I DON’T CARE what they are singing about and I don’t care that one song is a one chord through a delay, I want to live in this weird gauzy world of ghosts forever).

Nico-“Janitor Of Lunacy” (starts about 2:30 in) from Desert Shore. Not much to say besides that.


2 thoughts on “on the daily

  1. sam says:

    My current addiction: Mogollar – Toroslar (off Anadolu Pop)

  2. david says:

    Matty Groves is a walking to work every single morning track for me. so right about the guitar and drums. I sometimes can’t accept that track is almost 40 years old.

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