The phrase “American maverick” can get thrown around a lot, but I think it actually fits William Basinski. He’s been doing what he does longer than most people who do it and played all kinds of music everywhere and has reached that point that all artists hope to reach but never admit to: his music has become an inevitable comparison.  How many times have heard someone say “It’s kinda like William Basinski” in relation to someone else’s work? Exactly.

I’m not saying anything new here, of course.

As an Emusic nerd, I was excited to discover that Billy’s entire catalog is available there now.  Consider yourself lucky when your downloads roll over and dive in.


3 thoughts on “loops

  1. Dear Brendan, thanks for your kind words and great support of the work! all the best, william

  2. seth cluett says:

    well william… it’s more of a wonder than anything that consistency like yours hasn’t rewarded with a rolling stones cover.


  3. seth cluett says:

    *been rewarded… with a rolling stone magazine cover* that is… though, i guess when i think about it, there are some tracks off of sticky fingers i’d like to hear you do…

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