shows april 2008

Thursday April 3rd Middle East Club (upstairs) 472 Mass. Ave Cambridge, MA 18+ $9

Wolf Eyes
Howard Stelzer
Brendan Murray

I’ll be playing the first set at 9:15pm SHARP. Come early.

Tuesday 4/15 Middle East Upstairs 472 Mass. Ave Cambridge, MA 18+ $8

Mystery Palace (fr. MN),
Keith Fullerton Whitman

Hands & Knees
Paper Summer

I play drums and guitar in the rock band Paper Summer. This is our first show in nearly two years.

Wed April 16 Twisted Village 12B Eliot St. Cambridge MA 8ish?
Jed Speare/Asher/Brendan Murray

Our first outing as a trio. We will be we working with translations of the earliest recorded material known to exist, recently discovered from 1860. Read about the material here.

At all of these shows, I will have copies of Commonwealth, my new solo record, which will also be available from distributors very soon.


One thought on “shows april 2008

  1. MattO says:

    Play at Xmas and we will go!!!

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