tonight we smash

Ouest is playing the Smash Palace festival in Boston tonight.  There’s lots of information here:

Tonight’s line up is:

11pm Bill Nace
10pm Moshimoshiiamthedecider
9pm Ouest
8pm Human Hairs

I encourage anyone local to the Boston area to take an evening (or two or three) and check this festival out.  I am also Dj’ing the Saturday Matinee.  Come by and say hello!

This is my last music performance of the year.  I’ve played more shows this year than any other.  I have no intention of slowing down next year.    I’ll be travelling to places I’ve never played before and am looking into some new (to me) opportunities to develop my work.

The new solo cd should be out at the beginning of the year, with many others planned for the following 18 months.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be taking part in the time-honored and somewhat futile task of creating a Top 10 (or so) list of recordings that I liked this year. I’d like to see your list too. Send it along!



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