my favorite band from the 1980’s, forever and ever

I bought the reissue of “Drum” by Hugo Largo on cassette at Peaches Records in Altomonte Springs, FL.  I listened to it every day for two years.  I have very strong memories of seeing them on a special that VH1 broadcast about Brian Eno, who was responsible for the reissue of “Drum” and later issued “Mettle” on his Opal imprint.  This is not that paticular footage, but I really love it nonetheless.

I have no idea why I love this band so much.  There’s nothing else really like it.  There’s some performance art gestures happening that place it squarely in the time it was made, but I really don’t care.

When I was a kid and playing in a hardcore band and telling everyone how they should really listen to Sonic Youth or fIREHOSE, the truth was I would go home and sit in my room and listen to Hugo Largo.  I never told anyone to listen to them. They were “my” band.


One thought on “my favorite band from the 1980’s, forever and ever

  1. Philip says:

    Oh wow, someone else who knows Hugo Largo! My sister Andrea had Mettle on cassette; I thought that I’d dubbed a copy for myself, but I just checked my box o’ cassettes and if I did I don’t have it anymore, I think maybe at some point I overdubbed something else onto that cassette. Too bad. Off the top of my head, the closest to this I can think of is The Hope Blister.

    …oh, sweet, the iTunes Store has Mettle!

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