“number four, bobby orr, what a future he’s got”

watched "the friends of eddie coyle" last night and it rules

watched "the friends of eddie coyle" last night and it rules

For those of you who have gotten in touch with me over Facebook over the last two years, thank you thank you for saying hello and offering your support.  I’m currently not using the site for updates or anything else, so please get in touch with me here or at buttonpushing (at) gmail (dot) com.  I’m also on Twitter, you can “follow” me there.

The new cd on Students Of Decay is out and available directly from the label, Aquarius Records and Mimiroglu Music Sales.   Thanks to everyone who has picked it up so far.

Currently in production is a sidelong piece for a split LP with Perespirit. It’s a collaboration with Boston vocalist/improvisor Noell Dorsey (she of Guillermo Sexo, Beautiful Weekend, Jajuno Trio) and is tenatively titled “Birches and Marksman Graves”. Noell has provided me with raw recordings of her formidable vocal skills which I am working into a new composition.  It’s pretty scary so far.  More on that soon.

Also headed to NYC in a couple of weeks to finish recording the first Hell Hoarse record.  Hell Hoarse is me and Chuck Bettis.  We’ll be looking for shows in Boston and NYC shortly after that, hit me up if you have ideas.

More soon. Here’s stuff I dig:

Prurient/Cold Cave “Stars Explode” CS
Cold Cave “Love Comes Close” 12″
Hecker “Acid In The Style Of David Tudor” CD
Pedestrian Deposit “Austere” CD
Jason Kahn “Vanishing Point” CD
Arnold Dreyblatt “Resonant Relations” CD
Julianna Barwick “Florine”EP
Science Is Fiction: The Films Of Jean Painleve 3DVD
Roberto Bolano-2666 book


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