The Please returns TOMORROW

In or around 2003, I met Mike Bullock and Linda Aubry Bullock.  They, like me, had a keen interest in improvised electronics.  So, every Saturday, Mike and Linda would drive over in their MiniCooper to where I lived in Jamaica Plain and we’d set up in the back office of my apartment and play.  We all had a LOT of gear and we really wanted to try all of it.  We usually tried using different equipment every time and the music was always a oddly fluid mix of beats, electro-acoustic splat, out-and-out noise and sweet tonal moments.

We made one EP (in the then-very-popular 3″cdr format) called Breakfast, played some local shows with our friends and generally had a nice time.  Mike and Linda moved away to upstate New York for a few years. In that time, they started developing rise.set.twilight, which is their sound/video duo. I spent more time making solo music.

When Mike and Linda moved back to town a few months ago, we all sort of knew we wanted to play as The Please again without even having to mention it.  We’ve had a couple of rehearsals (all the miles of wire and pounds of gear replaced by three laptops) and we are so excited to bring this band out into the world again.  Come by Axiom Gallery tomorrow at 8pm in Jamaica Plain.  We’re pretty psyched.


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