“Grand Design”, 1998

Oh boy.

In and around 1998, I had no musical equipment and fewer ideas. I liked sound collage, breaks, beats and some concrete music. I had a decent record and cd collection and a tape deck. I had some free time on my hands, I didn’t know too many people and had just moved to Boston from New Hampshire. A friend of mine, who had been into hiphop for a long time, told me about “pause tapes”, where you would take a break from a record and loop it by using the pause button on a tape deck, recording the same section over and over.

Around that time I had visited the Museum Of Fine Arts Victoria And Albert exhibition and stole the cassette from the self-guided tour (not cool). This served as the master for this piece (I left excerpts of the audio tour in there), which took a couple of months to make. I do not pretend that this music is good, the samples are not very well “dug” (they are painfully obvious, except for the samples of the awesome surf band I was in in college) and the tape pauses are all over the place, but hey, it was a start.

Here’s “Grand Design” in all it’s post-college, blithering glory.


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