Mix April 2011

Non-Event has asked me to play a solo performance at Cafe Fixe in Brookline, MA next Tuesday as part of thier “experimental coffeehouse” series. I put together a dj mix to commemorate the event. A lot of this music is what I have been thinking about lately: rhythm, nostalgia, synthesizers, film sound, fake band names, vocal interjections, the music of Hugo Largo (okay, I’m ALWAYS thinking about that), isolationism (remember that?) and cassette murk. Hope you enjoy. This will likely come down in a week or so. You may or may not have noticed that I had to take down some other pieces to make room for this, most of those pieces will come back sooner or later. The cover star for the mix is Katie Jarvis as Mia in Andrea Arnold’s film FISH TANK, which I loved very much.

Pan Sonic-Fermi
John Baker-Submarines
Wire-Small Electric Piece
Turn Right At Water-Inside Strategies For Weeping
C-Schulz And Hajsch-Untitled
Walter Murch-Audio from THX-1138
Teiji Ito-Moonplay
Swans-Most Unfortunate Lie (instrumental)
Hugo Largo-Harpers
Throbbing Gristle-Hometime
Luicano Cilio-4th Sonata Piano, Transcription By – Girolamo De Simone
Mike Shiflet-Ichinomiya 5.3.6 (extract)
Prince Far I-Heavy Manners
Pembrook Sunset-Island Romance
Audio from Le Mepris (d. Godard 1965)

Pianoforte by Raymond Scott may be in here somewhere, I can’t remember.

Here’s the info for the show!

Café Fixe
1642 Beacon Street (Washington Square)
Brookline, MA 02445
8 p.m./$5


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