BEST OF 2011

Florian Hecker, Elie Ayache, Robin Mackay and Quentin Meillassoux-Speculative Solutions
Oneontrix Point Never- Replica
Liturgy- Aesthethica
Ty Segall-Goodbye Bread
Austra-Feel It Break
Rehberg/Fell- “Kubu”
Symmetry-Themes for An Imaginary Film
Stephan Mathieu-A Static Place and Remain
Mike Shiflet-Sufferers
Prurient-Bermuda Drain
Julia Holter-Tragedy
TUBAL CAIN Zine/DVD -Matthew Barney,Brandon Stosuy,WOLD,Ari Marcolpoulus

Swans live in Boston
Starving Weirdos live in Eureka, CA
Golden Retrivier live in Boston
Group Doueh live in Cambridge
Morgan Fisher Lecture and Screening at Harvard Film Archive
Hollis Frampton Screenings at HFA

Ryoji Ikeda at Park Avenue Armory
Angus Maclise at Boo-Hooray


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